What are the Best Almonds?

Many are surprised when they hear that there are a wide variety of different almond breeds that have their different shapes, sizes, and flavors, but what are the best almonds? Where does it come from? What does it taste like? These questions and more will be answered in this blog. 

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Location and Almond Variety

Almond varieties vary based on where they are grown in the world. The United States, in particular California, dominates the almond market producing over 80% of the worlds almonds.

California may produce the most, but that doesn’t mean they produce the superior breed. Over 200,000 tons of almonds are produced annually in Spain. Spain is responsible for producing these nuts for all of Europe while the United States supplies the Americas and a good portion of Asia. Both countries have the rarest climate found in the world, the mediterranean climate, which allows these nuts to thrive. Conversely, Spains tradition of almond growing has lasted for hundreds of years while Californias history remains young comparatively. Thus, Spain has nearly perfected the art while Californians continue to learn their valuable lessons. 

The Best Almonds on Grey Wood

Wait… Are those almonds?

The greatest almonds do not look like the every day nuts that you find at your local grocery store. Furthermore, you may have trouble finding these almonds in any store in your area. This is none other than the Marcona almond. The Marcona almond typically finds its home in Spain and it is rarely grown in California. Luckily, we are one of the few Californian retailers that grow this almond and you can find it sold at our store

Why are marconas the best almonds?

The Flavor: 

Many are surprised after they eat a Marcona almond for the first time. Marcona’s are a lot sweeter than the usual California grown almond. Its taste is “reminiscent of the almond essence used in baked goods.” Marcona almonds are typically served with a variety of Spanish spices; However, just a little bit olive oil and salt helps bring out the powerful flavor found inside these spectacular almonds. 

The Texture: 

Marcona almonds are softer and more buttery than normal almonds. These nuts have a thinner, translucent skin as well. This allows Marconas to be a perfect ingredient for a variety of desert recipes and baked goods.

Health Benefits: 

More flavor does not mean less healthy. Although Marcona’s tend to be sweeter, they have almost identical health benefits compared to its Californian counterparts. 

The debate over almonds will be never ending; However, we believe with the amazing flavor, unique shape, texture, and health benefits, the Marcona almond is unmatched compared to its competitors on every metric. 

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